Which Planets Show Compatibility?

When an astrology student first attempts to do an astrological compatibility reading, he or she is overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available. To get a good reading on a horoscope compatibility chart, and in fact any astrology chart, you need to focus on what matters most. In fact one of the hallmarks of experience is the ability to recognize the areas of greatest importance in a chart, and not over-emphasizing relatively minor factors.

Compatibility and the Planets

While all astrological factors do influence human beings and their relationships to some degree, we need to start somewhere specific so we do not get lost in the intricacies of chart interpretation.  Focus on the major horoscope compatibility factors first.

For compatibility in all kinds of relationships: Sun, Moon and Ascendant or ASC.

For marriage and romance: Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are especially important. Also the Descendant or seventh house and the fifth house.

Always important: Saturn.

Sun and Moon

The Sun and the Moon are the masculine and feminine in every person. While the Sun signifies the life force, the Moon symbolizes feelings, instincts and the subconscious.

In synastry or the astrology of relationships, aspects between one partner’s Sun and the other’s Moon, or Sun to Sun or Moon to Moon, are extremely important. These two planets or lights are two of the most defining astrological influences in each individual. When your Sun and/or Moon connects with that of another person, you two feel connected to each other.

The Sun tells us the power you bring to your relationships. Just as the physical sun lights up and keeps alive the world with its energy, so your inner sun invigorates your connections with others and yourself. It is life.  Your relationships must give your Sun room to express itself or else you would be frustrated and angered.

The Moon is the moody, changeable, emotional side of you. It seeks comfort from certain experiences (denoted by your Moon sign) in order to feel good about itself.  It is crucial that your relationships satisfy the cravings of your Moon. If not, you feel neglected, unloved and even ill.

When your Sun and Moon signs are compatible with your partner’s, it suggests feelings of peace, contentment and mutual understanding. Harmonious aspects like the conjunction, sextile and trine make you tolerant of each other. You have similar personalities that allow you to get along well.

When your Sun and Moon signs are incompatible, and perhaps in negative aspect such as a square or opposition, it shows major differences. These bring disagreements, quarrels and conflicting views and values. This is not always a bad thing, for what relationship does not need some friction?   But you do need to work harder to get along than if your planets were compatible.

Ascendant and Descendant

These are not planets but houses, divisions in each person’s chart. But the Ascendant along with the Descendant are extraordinarily important in astrological compatibility. The first house (Ascendant) sets the tone for the whole chart. It is your most all-pervading personality, influencing all including your Sun and Moon. The seventh house (Descendant) is your “other side” as well as your “other half.”

In relationships, the Ascendant shows how you project your personality and how you approach the relationship and life itself. The Descendant is the type of partner you are attracted to.

When your Ascendant and Descendant and your partner’s are in compatible signs, it denotes strong mutual attraction. There is a lot of agreement about life and love.

The Ascendant in strong aspect to the Sun or Moon is a major indicator of compatibility.

Another important house in synastry is the fifth house, which rules romance, sex, entertainment and children.

Venus and Mars

These two planets are highly important in readings about marriage and romance. Venus and Mars govern how we express ourselves in love and sexual encounters.

Venus has traditionally been associated with women, and Mars for men. In today’s world this is still true but only partially. Both men and women respond to these planets in their charts, and so do homosexuals and people of any sexual orientation.

Briefly, Venus governs our social nature. It is how you want to love and be loved.  Venus also rules luxury and pleasure. It is how you like to indulge and have fun. When your Venus is compatible or in good aspect with your partner’s, it means your ideas of love, friendship and entertainment are similar. You like to do the same things for fun, and you make each other feel good. When Venus makes a hard aspect, it makes it hard for two people to relax in each other’s presence.  Sympathy and light-heartedness are lacking.

Mars is masculine power for both men and women. It rules passion and the sex drive. Mars is how you step up and take action. When Mars is compatible or in good aspect in a horoscope compatibility chart, you boost courage in each other. Your energies work in harmony rather than against each other. You can achieve a lot together. But Mars in a bad aspect causes ego-conflict and perhaps a lot of explosive fights. Mars in incompatible signs means each of you works in his or her own way. Perhaps one is direct and confrontational, the other is not.

Venus and Mars in aspect or in compatible signs is a powerful indicator of compatibility. In fact, it is one of the classic signs of mutual love and attraction in astrology. The conjunction is most powerful, the sextile and trine and gentler while the square and opposition are tense and perhaps something of a ‘love/hate” thing. All aspects heighten the sexual experience.


Saturn does not bring the pleasure or comfort associated with the other planets. But it is important because it is from Saturn that we get to urge to structure our lives. Without a healthy dose of Saturnian energy, our relationships lack stability and reliability.

Because Saturn has a serious vibe, it sobers up whatever it touches. Aspects to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and/or Venus are very influential on a relationship. These aspects tend to create a lifelong bonds, with a sense of obligation toward each other. Many believe that people with Saturn aspects to the personal planets show “past life” or “karmic” ties between two people.


Astrology and compatibility is a complex and challenging area of study. To get a good grasp of charts, focus on the major factors. first. In synastry, some planets deserve special consideration.  Do not overlook other influences; just use these as a starting point. If there are no signs of compatibility among these planets and houses, it would be difficult for a relationship to thrive.

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