Which Astrology House Rules Love?

Several astrological houses bear an influence on love and sexual relationships. Most commonly associated with them are the fifth and seventh houses. Yet other houses are also important. Remember that houses are dependent on birth time, so before you analyze house placements and house overlays in synastry, make sure you have accurate birth times.

Love is always on or near the top of everyone’s list, it seems. Without getting into the metaphysics of love and sex, let us keep in mind that there are different kinds of love in the human realm. To some love is mostly physical, to others emotional, and then to others it is something practical and even obligatory; and then there are those for whom love is spiritual. Similarly in astrology there is not one house that governs love.  In reality, being in love and being in a relationship has its effects on multiple houses, and vice versa.

Fourth House

Many people overlook the fourth house when considering marriage and relationships. Yet the truth is it is one of the most important houses to look at.  The fourth house is associated with the home, with one’s private life environment.  If you have a long-term relationship with another person, the fourth house will definitely come into play.

The fourth house, its ruler and any planets in it show how you experience home life and how you build a home for yourself and your family.  It represents your “nest.”  Needless to say, any planets your partner has in your fourth house suggests familiarity with each other.  You feel “at home” with each other if it is positive.

Fifth House

Love in terms of pleasure, romance and sexual encounters falls in the purview of the fifth house. Some associate only premarital affairs with this house but that is taking a superficial view of the houses. Regardless if you are married or not, the fifth house is relevant for the issues mentioned above.

The fifth house, its zodiac sign and any planets in it describe how you express yourself in romantic adventures. It is the lighter side of love, that part of you that comes out when you go out on a date or are being playful with your lover or spouse.

Earth signs in the fifth house make a person cautious and reserved. Love is a serious matter to them. Often the rising sign or ascendant is also an earth sign. For instance, a Virgo in the first house is likely to have Capricorn in the fifth house– serious, methodical, responsible but unemotional.

Fire signs in the fifth house are confident and willing to take risks in love. Sex is a lot to look forward to, a field where they can express their power. Water signs in this house are driven by emotions; they are extremely sensual and easily attached to their partner.  Air signs are a contradiction of sorts. They are friendly and enjoy having fun with their partners, but they are often too impersonal and detached. Strong intellectual rapport is necessary to turn them on.

Seventh House

As the opposite house of the first house of self, the seventh house rules the marriage partner.  Whether we realize it or not, being married (legally or “live in”) brings out many qualities that are the opposite of our everyday self. It is a curious fact of life that is mirrored in an astrology chart. To give an example, a Scorpio rising is by nature passionate, smoldering and extreme. Yet put them in a marriage with someone they are happy with and you discover a wholly different side: rock solid, dependable, calm and patient– these are the traits of its opposite sign Taurus.

Look to the seventh house for clues as to the type of partner you seek for all your life. This house has a much wider scope than the fifth house for many people. More than sexual pleasure alone, the seventh house is about the other half of you — what you seek in order to feel complete as a human being. And as an angular house, the seventh house is one of the most important houses in an astrology birth chart.

To interpret the seventh house, consider the zodiac sign on its cusp (and any sign contained in it), its ruling planet and any planets tenanted in this house.  The closer a planet is to the seventh house cusp, the stronger its influence in a person’s attitude toward marriage and partnerships.

People with fire signs rising have air signs on the seventh house cusp. They are seek intellectual partners, those who have a more objective view of life than they do. For instance, Sagittarius rising is drawn to Gemini. Being mutable and a double-sign, this may signify multiple marriages.

Water signs rising look for emotionally stable and loyal partners. The emotional and clingy yet shrewd Cancer is drawn to the cold and ambitious Capricorn. Air signs rising are drawn to fire signs. Earth signs are drawn to water signs.

The interesting thing is, when you bring them together you find each person exhibiting the opposite qualities of their rising sign– but only in intimate situations. For instance, the calm and patient Taurean wife may erupt into flames in an argument with her mate. Or the laid-back Libra may suddenly flip and cry “Not fair!” in a bout of Arian tantrum.

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