Venus in Synastry House Overlays

Venus house overlays are influential in all kinds of relationships, not just romantic or sexual. A house overlay is the location of one person’s planet in the chart of another person. Both parties are affected by a house overlay in synastry, but it is the house person who is influenced in a specific way by the planet person, as signified by the nature of the overlaying planet. Venus in house overlays reveals where you can benefit your partner emotionally and materially. Both your lives are enriched in that department of life. Venus represents the urge to love and be loved. A Venus overlay therefore suggests an area where you want to give and receive love most.  Because Venus often shows the ideal type of lover – especially for a heterosexual man – this house overlay can reveal how you see your partner as a lover.

To give an example: If your Venus overlays your partner’s eleventh house, you enjoy being friends with each other. You also like being in the company of your partner’s other friends. Through your relationship, your partner learns how to be more sociable and outgoing. With your help, he or she becomes more popular among others. You may bring influential people into his or her life who can benefit your partner.

Venus is also associated with money and luxury. If well-aspected, it is beneficial to the couple financially and materially. If ill-aspected, the results are, of course, more troublesome.

Remember that Venus is the Lesser Benefic. As such its influence tends to be pleasant. Also, Venus refines whatever it touches. Whichever house Venus overlays, that is where the house person learns to appreciate the finer things of life. However the aspects to Venus and its dignity in the natal chart must be considered too.

Venus in Partner’s First House

Because Venus represents the urge to love and be loved, and the ascendant is one’s physical and external appearance, this leads to mutual attraction, perhaps “love at first sight.” Harmony, peace and friendliness.  A dislike of conflict and love of pleasure and entertainment when together. Strongest when Venus is the same sign as and near the ascendant.

Venus in Partner’s Second House

Financial savvy coming from the Venus person or, if ill-dignified, financial ruin that threatens the partner and the relationship.  The partners value the same things in life.  The Venus person attracts wealth to the house person.  Shared financial responsibilities.  Good position for business and marriage.

Venus in Partner’s Third House

The partners understand that good communication is a two-way street.  Both learn to speak as well as listen to each other.  The house person learns to express him- or herself more eloquently and diplomatically through interaction with the Venus partner. Venus becomes more interested in what goes on around them. Good for poetry, art, literature and the media. Relationships with relatives also benefit.

Venus in Partner’s Fourth House

The home becomes the center of pleasure and happiness with this placing. The couple are fond of the home life, preferring to be entertained there rather than outside of it. Peace reigns in the family.  Partying, hanging out with friends and socializing in general seem less attractive. Good for retirees, stay-at-home people and those involved in real estate or house-related businesses.

Venus in Partner’s Fifth House

Excellent for sexual relationships if well-dignified. This placing encourages both partners to open up in the areas of romance and sex so that neither is afraid to please or be pleased. Entertainment such as film and music, the arts and creative pursuits will be enjoyed. The Venus person comes is very affectionate toward children, even indulgent.

Venus in Partner’s Sixth House

Love of service and feeling useful. Venus brings harmony to the workplace.  The daily routines seem more interesting and enjoyable when the partners are together.  There may be a tendency toward an easygoing lifestyle, where there is no rush to get things done.  Good for professional relationships such as between co-workers or employer and employed.  In such situations, the two become friends and perhaps more.

Venus in Partner’s Seventh House

A classic sign of compatibility. Mutual love and commitment. Likelihood of marriage.  Being considerate toward each other’s needs.  Having the ability to minimize conflicts and live harmoniously with each other and with others as a couple.  Good for all romantic ties but also good for business and friendship.

Venus in Partner’s Eighth House

Heightened sexual and emotional involvement. Love of mystery. Not a superficial relationship.  The sexual experiences are likely to have a profound effect on both partners. If Venus is well-aspected, it is good for business and financial dealings; if not, it can have the opposite effect. Venus may benefit partner through money gained, such as an inheritance. Good for occult matters too.

 Venus in Partner’s Ninth House

The philosopher-lover.  A wise companion who also acts as adviser to the house person. Could signify the teacher-student relationship that leads to something more.  Many beautiful and romantic journeys together, either in mind or body, or both.  Through the relationship, the couple discover the foreign and exotic as well as the spiritual.  Good for publishing, writing, education, travel and law.

Venus in Partner’s Tenth House

Venus is “the power behind the throne,” the “lucky charm” for the tenth house person.  House person’s status increases through the relationship. Career and reputation are dear to the couple. Good for business, work and people who must deal with the public. Even in private life, status and image are enhanced by this placing.  All this assumes Venus is well-dignified; if negative, it can ruin one’s reputation.

Venus in Partner’s Eleventh House

Venus here improves the social status of the house person. Affection is most readily given and received when surrounded by lots of friends. If involved with a group, Venus will help win approval. Helps gain influential friends for the couple, especially the house partner. Also useful for gathering support for a cause or public individual.

Venus in Partner’s Twelfth House

A gentle approach to the often difficult twelfth house. Mutual sympathy and understanding. Venus person makes house person feel better about themselves.  Sympathetic and perhaps spiritual. If negative, may incline to self-indulgence.  Good for a quiet, reclusive lifestyle. Also good for those who work with the sick or who care for others.

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