Synastry House Overlays: Sun

House overlays in synastry have a lot to say about a relationship. Of these, the sun overlays are among the most important. In fact the sun is as important in astrological compatibility as it is in individual natal chart readings. It is important to remember that the sun shines and blinds what sees it. The sun sign describes qualities that a person wants to be known for and recognized for. In synastry, the sun house overlay shows where in your partner’s life your potential shines most. And it is equally important to both of you.

Sun in Partner’s 1st House or Ascendant

The sun person exerts a strong energizing effect on the first house person. The closer the sun is to the ascendant, the stronger the effect. The partners have a lot of the same values and ideals. They enjoy the same activities and pastimes and share similar ambitions. One feels quite familiar to the other. The sun person aspires to the qualities that are very obvious in the first house person, who is probably not aware of them, or takes them for granted. What the sun person thinks, the ascendant person does, quite automatically.

Sun in Partner’s 2nd House

The sun person gives much support to the second house person in the area of finances, helping them define and realize their true values. Because the sun person’s sun sign is in their partner’s second house, it is in there that the sun person’s talents (as shown by that zodiac sign) are immediately useful. For example, if partner A has Leo rising, and Virgo in the second house, and partner B has the Sun in Virgo overlaying that house, then partner A sees partner B as someone who can help them manage money and possessions because of their Virgoan qualities, qualities that partner A prefers for these matters.

The above can be applied to the sun overlaying the other houses as well.

Sun in Partner’s 3rd House

This relationship lays emphasis on the mind and all manner of communication. The sun person brings out the intellectual abilities in the third house person, showing them how best to express oneself in words, in writing and other means. The sun person finds all third house matters – communication, learning, relationships with relatives and neighbors – much more interesting when they are with their partner. Minor trips, writing, reading and similar activities become more important for the couple. Good for writers, media people, and scholars.

Sun in Partner’s 4th House

The private life becomes a focus of attention in a relationship when the sun overlays the fourth house. The sun person displays characteristics that the fourth house person prefers for a private setting, such as in the home. When positive, the sun person will lord it over the fourth person’s house with benevolent authority.  Both partners feel at home with each other. The fourth house person recognizes someone they want to have as part of their family, while the sun person becomes more interested in a domestic life. Good for raising a family, for real estate and all fourth house concerns.

Sun in Partner’s 5th House

This house overlay is good for sex, love and marriage. The sun person possesses qualities that the fifth house person likes to see in sexual encounters, romance as well as recreation. Naturally this makes the two attracted to each other. The fifth house person sees in the sun person someone who is sexually and romantically well-matched for them. The effect on the sun person is similar: they become less serious than usual, more interested in playing games with their partner than with other people (and previous lovers as well). The sun person finds it natural to relax and “let go” in their partner’s company, after the manner of the zodiac sign involved.

Sun in Partner’s 6th House

The sixth house has not a positive reputation in astrological tradition. Here the sun person and their partner find themselves joined in a rather odd situation: that of routines, chores and duties. The sun person motivates the sixth house person, energizing this often burdensome part of life. At the same time, the sixth house person sees their partner as useful and helpful. Through this relationship, the sun person learns to have more concern for routine, health, habits, and work for other people which might not always be pleasant. Good for professional relationships and wherever it is important to work together to fulfill responsibilities.

Sun in Partner’s 7th House or Descendant

This house overlay is one of the best positions for the sun in synastry. The sun person is seen as a (near) perfect match by the seventh house person, who is able to realize their ideas of love through this relationship.  The sun person grows more open to the idea of marriage and commitment, even perhaps if the sun person has never given thought to marriage before. There is a powerful mutual attraction, especially if the sun sign and the descendant sign are the same. Good for love, marriage, business and all kinds of partnerships.

Sun in Partner’s 8th House

The sun person brings to light the mysteries of death, sex and the occult for the eighth house person. Through this relationship, both partners have deeply transforming experiences that can radically change their lives, or at least their attitude toward affairs of this house. Through the sun person, the eighth house partner learns to share with others and to make sacrifices for others.  On a more mundane level, the sun person gives the eighth house person a sense of direction and help in financial and business matters. Both partners are strongly motivated to succeed in this area.

Sun in Partner’s 9th House

The sun person finds him or herself as a kind of teacher to their partner, who in turn encourages the sun person to have a more philosophical way of life. Each partner identifies with the other’s views and beliefs. They have a strong influence on their partner’s philosophy of life. Together they are drawn to foreign culture, travel, “spirituality” and higher forms of learning. The ninth house person brings out the intellectual in the sun person.  Good wherever two people need to explore alien lands, cultures, religions and philosophies. This house overlay also favors relationships with in-laws.

Sun in Partner’s 10th House or Midheaven

The sun person embodies just the qualities that the tenth house person aspires to. The sun person helps their partner realize their ambitions through the talents they bring to the relationship. The tenth house person brings their partner, in turn, to the professional sphere, or the public eye, even if the sun person is not employed. Through this relationship, the sun person must deal with the public in some way for their partner’s sake. Good for all business and working partnerships, relationships between people in the limelight and wherever ambition and worldly achievement is much valued.

Sun in Partner’s 11th House

The house person views the sun person as the ideal friend. The latter may or may not be satisfied with this role. At any rate the two make excellent friends. Through the relationship both partners will have a busier social calendar. They share many of the same interests, hopes and dreams. Good for social activities, community work and wherever there is a desire to join forces with others.

Sun in Partner’s 12th House

Not the most comfortable setup but may be very beneficial. The sun person encourages the twelfth house person to face their inner demons in the manner of the sun sign.  The sun person learns to be compassionate and selfless. Both parties learn to deal with the hidden side of things.

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