Synastry House Overlays: Saturn

Saturn’s house overlay needs serious consideration. Just like all things Saturn, its overlay in synastry suggests difficulty, responsibility and fear. It is a sector of a person’s life that is highly important to the Saturn person. It is a lot like this planet in your astrological birth chart, except that it is about someone else’s life, not your own.

Wherever your Saturn overlays your partner’s chart, that is where you can help them restructure their life for the better–or worse.  You are going to work hard to make things right in that house. Your discipline and maturity will bleed over into that sector of their life. You teach your partner to take those matters more seriously. If your partner seeks advice, yours will be very sober and down-to-earth.

Saturn’s house position invariably signifies matters that are very important to the individual. If you are not watchful, you could get too negative, too restrictive, with your partner when it comes to that house. Let us say you have Saturn in your partner’s ninth house. You may become too dogmatic and narrow-minded, insisting that your partner sees things your way and believes the same as you do. Your partner may have dreams, but you hold them back because of your own fears.

Saturn in Partner’s First House

A very serious attitude. Saturn is very stern toward the house person. This is the strict disciplinarian who wants everything done right. Can be crippling and burdensome to the ascendant (first house) person, especially if Saturn is in the same sign as and close to the ascending degree. Difficulty in showing and sharing feelings.

Saturn in Partner’s Second House

A serious, conservative attitude toward money.  Saturn is thrifty and controlling, and perhaps feeling there is never enough resources. Much effort is put into securing financial situation.  Investment can be hard due to reluctance to take risks.

Saturn in Partner’s Third House

Communication takes on a serious tone between the partners. Saturn dislikes superficial talk. The house person learns to think and speak in a more serious, earnest manner–perhaps even changing the tone of their voice, their choice of words and so on.  The house person learns to be more thorough in whatever they say and do. Can cause arguments and/or negative thinking.

Saturn in Partner’s Fourth House

An authoritarian attitude towards family and home life. Saturn person tends to control the house person’s domestic environment.  If excessive, the house can feel like a prison rather than a home. If positive, both partners learn the importance of family and responsibility toward the same. Can be troublesome for those in the real estate business.

Saturn in Partner’s Fifth House

A dead serious approach to romance and pleasure. Saturn will want to plan everything ahead.  This can frustrate the house person who may prefer more spontaneity. The attitude toward children is strict and cold. Can be a difficult placing for creative types, but if positive, whatever is made will be very thorough and long-lasting.

Saturn in Partner’s Sixth House

Saturn wants the house person to be more efficient and organized. There is no time to be idle for Saturn in the sixth house: everything must serve a purpose. Both partners discover the value of time, hard work and productivity. Health is also the focus of attention here.  Good for work and improving health habits.

Saturn in Partner’s Seventh House

Strong sense of responsibility.  The couple can be weighed down by all kinds of duties and obligations.  If no other factors say otherwise, this can deny a relationship.  But if there are signs of togetherness, this will strengthen it and might even make it difficult for the partners to split up if they wanted to.

Saturn in Partner’s Eighth House

Saturn here tends to worry about money and resources just like in the opposite, the second house.  The Saturn person may be very strict about these matters.  Emotional and sexual intimacy may be affected. Fear of change, loss, death and other experiences that bring life-altering transformations.

Saturn in Partner’s Ninth House

Rigid views and narrow-mindedness. Saturn takes a conservative stance, which may frustrate a more liberal ninth house person. Because of Saturn’s influence, the couple will tend to be careful about planning, travel and the future. The Saturn person must take care not to be dogmatic.

 Saturn in Partner’s Tenth House

An ambitious partnership. Saturn urges the house person to take work and career very seriously.  Through their partner, the tenth house person learns to work harder and be more responsible, to strive for a higher position in the world without taking any shortcuts. Success comes with effort. If positive, the challenges that the Saturn partner brings will help the house person become more successful in the long run.

Saturn in Partner’s Eleventh House

The house person’s friendships, role in society and aspirations become a focus of serious attention. Saturn takes a conservative approach to these matters, perhaps narrowing their partner’s view of the world, urging them to be more choosy with friends and preferring older, more established company). Can help the house person build a solid plan for realizing their goals.

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