Synastry House Overlays: Moon

House overlays in synastry are often quite revealing. Each planet in your chart that overlays your partner’s house brings its own distinct influence into that house. The sun and moon are neutral planets in terms of “color” and “flavor,” but they are nonetheless quite important. The house the moon overlays in synastry points to a facet of the house person’s life that the moon person is strongly attuned to and familiar with. Needless to say, that house assumes a great deal of importance in your relationship.

The key concept for the moon overlays is attachment. Wherever your moon falls in your partner’s chart in synastry, it directs your emotional responses to that part of his or her life. You become very attached to the matters of that house, even dependent. In return, you give emotional support to your partner in that area or, if negative, the opposite.

One potentially negative result of the moon in house overlays is this:  If the moon gets too influential (say, if placed in an angular house), it can make the moon person more emotional than before, too sensitive at the expense of the other’s needs.

Moon in Partner’s First House

A powerful house overlay especially if the moon sign is the same as the rising sign (first house sign).  The two partners have similar needs, moods and habits. Often both partners will like to do the same things, such as the same pastimes and forms of relaxation. The first house person conducts him- or herself in such a way that makes the moon person secure and comfortable. In turn, the moon person is there as a supportive and affectionate companion. Moon senses the thoughts and feelings of the house person intuitively.

Moon in Partner’s Second House

The moon person is very dependent on their partner’s financial standing for security. This is true for most of us but it is unusually strong here. It is not only their material well-being, but also the emotional, that is at stake. The moon person is very much attuned to their partner’s financial goals and plans. On a less mundane level, the two partners share the same values.  They will pool their resources together to get what they want. However if one partner wants to separate their finances from the other, this overlay can make it difficult to do that.

Moon in Partner’s Third House

This overlay improves communication between two people. The moon person is very sensitive to the house partner’s thoughts and speech, even to the point of telepathy depending on the moon sign and aspects. It is easy to share and discuss feelings with each other. The moon person feels secure when their partner establishes good connections with the environment and people in it, such as relatives and neighbors. In turn this motivates the third house person to make better use of their communication skills.

Moon in Partner’s Fourth House

Barring afflictions to either the moon or fourth house, this is an excellent sign of compatibility. Both partners feel at home with each other. The moon person finds comfort in their partner’s presence. The house person sees their partner as someone very familiar, almost as if they have been together before. This house overlay suggests a strong, instinctive bond between the two that can prove irresistible. Separation will probably be difficult.

Moon in Partner’s Fifth House

A good house overlay for sexual and family relationships. Romance, entertainment and creative pursuits are important to this couple. The moon person is very responsive to and supportive of their partner in this field. Children are a priority for them. Or if there are no children, whatever creations they have together.

Moon in Partner’s Sixth House

It is not the most romantic or relaxing of house overlays, but it can be good. The moon person becomes deeply involved in their partner’s daily routine. It is important to establish good habits here for there to be a sense of security. The moon person may take an active role in their partner’s health, diet and lifestyle.  The house person finds that their partner is a great help in work and ordinary chores. If afflicted, there may be disruptions in the everyday life of the couple.

Moon in Partner’s Seventh House

If there are no aspects or factors to the contrary, this is excellent for most any relationship. It is stronger if the moon is close to the Descendant or seventh house cusp, and/or of the same zodiac sign. Both partners are immediately drawn to each other. The moon person naturally breathes qualities that the seventh house person seeks in a partner, whether this is for marriage or some other kind of relationship. Mutual attachment is strong, just as with the moon overlaying the fourth house.

Moon in Partner’s Eighth House

The eighth house is one of the most emotionally charged houses in the horoscope. Here the moon person has an above-average influence over their partner’s emotional well-being. The house person sees their partner as key in ultimate emotional security and self-transcendence through union with another. More practically, the moon person is very dependent emotionally and materially on their partner.  Also, the moon person  seems to intuitively sense the house person’s fears, insecurities and desires. Interest in occult matters, psychology, death, sex as well as joint financial matters is increased by this placing. Beneficial if partners can use this house overlay to take their urges and desires to a higher plane.

Moon in Partner’s Ninth House

The ninth house is associated with higher learning, religious beliefs, dreams and travel; while the moon is one’s habits and subconscious.  Here the moon partner tunes in to their partner’s intellectual and spiritual side. They share many of the same values, or at least are able to respect each other’s views.  The house person encourages their partner to be more open to new experiences. Whether or not they are in close agreement depends on the aspects to the moon. Travel becomes an emotionally satisfying adventure for both partners.

Moon in Partner’s Tenth House

This brings a personal touch to the public life of a couple. The tenth house person sees their partner as a great source of support and encouragement if the moon works positively. In turn, the moon person finds him- or herself drawn to the public eye through their relationship. It may be hard to keep their domestic issues private with this house overlay. A strong placement for career-oriented people.

Moon in Partner’s Eleventh House

The house of friendship and community is at odds with the intimate nature of the moon. With this placing, the partners are likely to have “hit it off” instantly as friends.  They have many of the same aspirations and views about society in general.  The house person will attract their partner to a larger social circle.  The moon person is a constant source of either emotional support or emotional turmoil for the house person, depending on the aspects.  Especially good for people concerned with the outside world. This placing is good for stepparents and stepchildren, because the eleventh house is the fifth house of one’s partner.

Moon in Partner’s Twelfth House

Like the moon in the eighth house and fourth house, the moon in the twelfth house makes the planet person well tuned into the house person’s deepest emotional yearnings and fears.  This one can be more challenging because the twelfth house points to issues one would rather keep private. The moon here makes it hard for the house person to keep it private. You may trigger responses in your partner that they normally do not show to others. You are comfortable with things they would rather hide.

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