Sun Transits through the Houses

As the Sun journeys through each of the twelve zodiac signs in the solar year, it highlights the area of life that corresponds with that sign in a person’s natal chart. Now, which department of life is ruled by each zodiac sign depends on your birth date and birth time.   But no matter what, the influences of the Sun on each natal house is similar.

The following paragraphs are guidelines on the Sun through the twelve houses of the natal chart.  It assumes you know your ascendant (first house sign) and the zodiac signs occupying each of the houses in your chart.

Here’s how it works:  Say the Sun is currently in Sagittarius.  If Sagittarius occupies your third natal house, then look to the influence of the Sun transiting the third house.  If Sagittarius is your ascendant, then you will have the Sun in your first house at that time.

Recommended reading: Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand.

Sun Transit in the First House

A boost to one’s physical energy. Greater self-confidence (if the transit makes no adverse aspects to natal chart), and a desire to assert oneself. Good for doing solo projects and for initiating things in general. A kind of personal new year when you emerge from a period of withdrawal and solitude to face the world again.  Health should be good.

Sun Transit in the Second House

A focus on one’s values. Much pride is taken in one’s possessions, perhaps with a desire to show off what you own.  One may have the courage to embark on a new financial venture.  It’s a good time to examine one’s finances.

 Sun Transit in the Third House

With no negative aspects, thinking will be clearer than usual.  There’s an urge to express oneself and connect with others, especially people in one’s close surroundings.  Good time to study a new subject, write or talk to others.  Routine gets busier than usual.

Sun Transit in the Fourth House

Attention is turned inward, to one’s home, family and private life in general.  Good time to relax at home and spend time with loved ones, or be alone by oneself.  The mind is more subjective and emotional than at other times.  Memories of the past may come up.  Relationships with parents are highlighted.

Sun Transit in the Fifth House

An urge to express oneself and enjoy oneself.  Good time to spend time and have fun with children; to seek pleasure and entertainment.  Creativity is greater and stronger than usual, as is the willingness to take risks, though this depends on the sign in the fifth house.  This is a time to be yourself.

Sun Transit in the Sixth House

Return to work and obligations.  One finds that one’s ego (Sun) tends to take a back seat in favor of other people’s needs or demands.  The focus is on getting the job done even without immediate rewards for oneself.  It’s the time of year to implement good work habits.  It is also a time to examine your health and make any needed changes to your lifestyle and diet.

Sun Transit in the Seventh House

The Sun highlights one’s close relationships, such as marriage.  Good time of year to examine one’s relationships with others.  It is not the time to go it alone, but rather to enjoy the company and support of another.  If strong, this transit can make it easy for the native to dominate or make a strong impression on others. If negative (and if confirmed by other transits), there may be quarrels or disputes with others.  This is the opposite of the Sun transit to the first house, which is about being by oneself.

Sun Transit in the Eighth House

Thinking is more serious and profound than at any other time of the year.   It’s the time of year to get in touch with one’s “inner self.”   You may dramatically change your mind or attitude about something at this time.  Sometimes, if other transits affirm, there may be news of death or something may happen that causes you to ponder the issue of death. Obviously since this transit happens once a year and lasts for a month, we can’t expect a death to happen every time.  If the Sun through the second house is about securing possessions, this is about loss and selflessness, and sharing with others (such as joint resources).

Sun Transit in the Ninth House

The time of year to expand one’s mental, spiritual and physical horizons.  Unless there are negative aspects or the ninth house is afflicted natally, this should be a good time to travel.  It is also a great time to begin the study of a new subject, because your mind is more open to new experiences than at almost any other transit.  Philosophy, foreign culture, or a new field of study can offer the type of challenge that your mind is craving right now. The opposite of Sun in the third house transit.

Sun Transit in the Tenth House

Career and public reputation take the spotlight this month.  It’s the time of year to focus on one’s job and in dealings with the outer world.  Because the Sun illuminates everything, this will highlight your achievements, good or bad.  Leadership comes naturally, as does getting attention.  Domestic life takes a back seat.

Sun Transit in the Eleventh House

It’s the time of year to cooperate with the right people, friends and supporters who share one’s goals.  Idealism is higher than at other times.  Social life gets busy.  One’s concerns extend to the greater community, not just self or family.

Sun Transit in the Twelfth House

The end of one’s personal year.  It’s the time to withdraw from the world, rest and evaluate how you have handled things for the past twelve months.  Good time to go on a retreat, meditate or simply relish in solitude.  Recharge your batteries, recognize your past mistakes and prepare for the new year ahead.

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