Mercury Transits through the Houses

Mercury transits show where mind and speech are most active for the time being.  These transits are quick, but not unimportant. You may notice things get busy wherever Mercury is active in your chart.  When Mercury is retrograde, beware of making rash decisions or purchases.  Many people find a retrograde period is best used to review work done before.

Planet Mercury is connected with the sun.  While the sun rules the mind and ego, Mercury describes how you communicate what goes on in your mind. Thus, it is connected with speech, writing, and motor skills.  Robert Hand reminds us that Mercury is also the planet of pranks, so keep that in mind.

The way Mercury works depends a lot on whether it is afflicted or supported by other factors in the chart.  If afflicted, it causes confusion, pessimism, worry, deception, etc.  If well-sapected or if there are supporting transits, it brings clarity of mind, quick-thinking, versatility, cleverness and mental energy.

Recommended reading: Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand.


Mercury Transit in the First House

Depending on the Mercury sign, objectivity or confusion about oneself. A good time to speak one’s mind openly. More communicative than usual.  There may be restlessness and fickleness.  Greater mental and nervous energies than usual. Take care not to strain yourself.

Mercury Transit in the Second House

The mind turns to finances and possessions. New ideas for making money.  Planning one’s monetary goals. If negative, fickleness when handling money. If there are negative aspects or transits to go with it, a bad time to make a purchase or do business.

Mercury Transit in the Third House

Clear thinking and speaking. Excellent time for communications, studies and short trips.  May do more paperwork than usual.  Routine becomes very busy.  Be careful to not make decisions too hastily..  Give yourself time to think things over (perhaps until after this transit).  If afflicted, may cause nervousness and confusion.

Mercury Transit in the Fourth House

One’s thoughts turns toward home and family.  If not afflicted, a good time for discussing family matters.  May coincide with a move if more major transits indicate the same. Home study.

Mercury Transit in the Fifth House

Seeks intellectual stimulation through games and entertainment. Good communication with children.  Word games, puzzles and such will be enjoyable.   Talking with others isn’t likely to get serious.

Mercury Transit in the Sixth House

Mentally active at work.  Good for jobs that require attention to detail, and for discussions with coworkers. May handle several tasks at the same time.  One another level, one may initiate a new health regimen or improve on an existing one.

Mercury Transit in the Seventh House

Interacting with another person helps with one’s own self-expression. Intellectual rapport with partner.  Good time to enter into a dialogue with another person or to talk with a counselor of some sort. If negatively aspected, may lead to quarrels instead.  Be careful with contracts and legal matters if Mercury is afflicted.

Mercury Transit in the Eighth House

Thinking about profound subjects, such as life and death. Heightened intuition.  Meaningful discussions with others. Occult studies.

Mercury Transit in the Ninth House

Curiosity about the world at large. A desire to learn something new. Good for studying and traveling or for learning a new language.  Longer trips.  One is more open-minded than at other times so this is a great time for philosophical discussions. Good time for writing and publishing.

Mercury Transit in the Tenth House

Time to focus one’s mental energies at work, or your public life in general. Good time to study a new professional skill, or simply to analyze your current situation and make it better. Good communication with one’s superiors. If you have something to say, you might choose to make the announcement now. Beware of misunderstandings if there are negative transits to go with this or if Mercury makes negative aspects, and/or tenth house is afflicted natally.

Mercury Transit in the Eleventh House

Thinking over one’s goals, whether long-term or short-term. Examining and adjusting one’s plans.  Having a dialogue with friends.  Greater activity in the community or organization that one is a part of.  Sharing one’s thoughts with friends.

Mercury Transit in the Twelfth House

Keeping one’s thoughts to oneself.  Studying and researching on one’s own. Turning the mind to mystical or religious matters. Worry and pessimism.  Robert Hand warns against keeping secrets from others at this time.

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