Jupiter Transits in the Houses

Jupiter transits are almost everybody’s favorite in astrology.  Whatever Jupiter touches natally, by transit or in relationships, it makes it easy and flowing.  Human nature prefers ease to hardship, of course, so it’s no surprise that these are the trends students look forward to most. When Jupiter transits through a house in your natal chart, expect matters in that house to go your way, more or less.  But don’t expect a miracle out of it.  If other, more challenging transits or progressions are at work, Jupiter may lighten your load, but not get rid of it altogether.

With Jupiter, be careful with what you wish for. You are more likely to get what you want when it’s in power than at other times.

Jupiter’s transit to each house takes about a year.  The exact period may vary depending on Jupiter’s speed and direction and the size of the natal house in question.

These transits are often strongest when Jupiter is approaching or on the house cusp (first degree of that house) or when it is conjunct a planet in that house.  Transits to the angular houses and whatever house is emphasized in the native’s chart are also more noticeable.

See also Jupiter transits’ meanings.

Recommended reading: Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand.

Jupiter Transit in the First House

Improved self-image.  Much greater self-confidence when dealing with others.  Having the courage to venture into new territory. You feel confident, but not ruthless.  It’s very helpful for situations where you want to make a positive impression on others, such as when applying for a job or seeking new business contacts.

 Jupiter Transit in the Second House

Financial freedom.  Obtaining wealth and possessions seem easier than at other times.  May signify a raise in income, or a better source of income.  An elevation of one’s values.

Jupiter Transit in the Fourth House

Excellent time for peace and quiet in one’s home.  Move to a bigger house, or growth in the size of the family.  Good time to purchase a home or invest in real estate, if negative transits or natal afflictions are not at work as well.  Relationships with parents are good.

 Jupiter Transit in the Fifth House

Excellent transit to boost one’s creative energies. Wonderful time with children, perhaps a birth. May incline to excessive gambling. Fearlessness in showing who one really is.  A happy, or at least a fun, love affair.

Jupiter Transit in the Sixth House

Learning new practical skills.  Achieving more at work.  Weight gain.  Possible health problems associated with Jupiter or due to over-indulgence (such as diabetes).  Avoid excesses.

Jupiter Transit in the Seventh House

Benevolence from another person.  Other people act as a teacher to you, or you may meet someone who you learn something valuable from (such as taking up a class).  Relationship with spouse is improved, so it can be a good time to smooth out differences.  Separation will probably be amicable.

 Jupiter Transit in the Eighth House

A good time to apply for a loan, according to Robert Hand, if there are no negative influences at work.  Financial benefit through a partner, such as the spouse.  Occult and mystical insights.

Jupiter Transit in the Ninth House

A time of spiritual and intellectual growth.  Learning about the world, expanding one’s horizons, discovering a new culture and so on.  Great time for long distance journeys if there are no negative influences in effect (in which case, travel could be troublesome or even dangerous).  High idealism.  University education.  Publishing a book. Dealings with the law.

Jupiter Transit in the Tenth House

Reaching a peak in one’s career.  Possibly a promotion, or a new job opportunity.  Favor received from employers or superiors.  Popularity with the public. Enhancing one’s reputation in the professional or outer world.

Jupiter Transit in the Eleventh House

A sincere desire to work with others.  Friendliness.  Noble intentions and aspirations.  Idealism.  Help through friends.

Jupiter Transit in the Twelfth House

Finding peace with oneself. Benefit and comfort gained from solitude.  A desire to help others who are less fortunate.  A quiet time.  Possible encounter with a spiritual teacher, or a friend who helps one on the spiritual level. Study of metaphysics and religion.

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