Free Birth Chart Compatibility: Quick Synastry Interpretation

Doing astrological compatibility by yourself is difficult and cumbersome for a novice.  Use this basic reference as a guide to help you get started. Check for zodiac sign compatibility and important synastry aspects. While it’s an aid, you’ll definitely want to go more in depth.  If you already know your chart and the person’s you want to compare it to, jump to the section Planets in Signs: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

Table of Compatible Zodiac Signs

Compatibility between zodiac signs has a specific and limited meaning.  It just means their energy patterns flow in a similar way.  In people, this manifests as similarity of temperament, values or whatever is signified by the planet in a sign. So don’t panic if you see one or two indications of incompatibility.

Compatible signs are very similar to one another. Compatible also means they are friendly toward one another. Incompatible means they work in different ways.  Incompatible also means they are different but they can work together with effort.

Note on signs that share the same quadruplicity, such as Pisces and Sagittarius: Although incompatible by element (water and fire), they share the same mode; they are both mutable. So they can still get along.

Fire Signs Water Signs Air Signs Earth Signs
Compatible Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Libra, Aquarius, Gemini Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Compatible also with Air signs Earth signs Fire signs Water signs
Incompatible with Water signs Fire signs Earth signs Air signs
Incompatible also with Earth signs Air signs Water signs Fire signs

Compatibility of the Planets in the Signs: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (Ascendant)

The sun, moon and ascendant signs are dominant in the personality.  These are given consideration first.

Sun Signs
If compatible If incompatible
Can identify with each other’s hopes and aspirations. Similar values. Feel strong and active when together. Good for all kinds of relationships including friendship, business and family. Contrasting values and attitudes. Each person is motivated in a different way from the other. Hard to understand each other’s perspective.
Moon Signs
If compatible If incompatible
Can relate to each other’s emotional needs. Mutual sympathy and empathy. Feel comfortable and safe near each other. Good for close personal relationships such as marriage and family. Contrasting moods and habits. One finds it hard to understand the other’s habits and reactions. Need for constant adjustment and mindfulness of each other’s feelings.
Rising Signs
If compatible If incompatible
Good first impressions. Spontaneous connection. Ways of dealing with the outside world and major life issues are similar. Physical attraction. Major life events may coincide (if the cusps on the angles are close). Good overall compatibility. Lack of spontaneity between partners. Ways of facing the outside world and life’s challenges are different. One partner may adapt quicker to new circumstances while the other resists change. An overall incompatibility.

Compatibility Aspects Between Planets

Here are examples of some important planetary pairings for horoscope compatibility. Please note: These refer to inter-aspects between two charts, not in the same chart! See also free horoscope matching with aspects.

I recommend getting synastry books for further and more complete instruction.

Sun and Moon Aspects
If positive If negative
Powerfully binding. Magnetic attraction. Sun gives solid support to moon, which yearns for sun’s qualities. Content with each other. Positive feelings. Incompatible needs and desires. Sun seems insensitive to moon’s needs and moods. Nevertheless, strong attraction due to same quadruplicity.
Sun and Venus Aspects
If positive If negative
Love, harmony and happiness together. Venus expresses love feely and openly. Sun feels loved and appreciated. Good for marriage and family. No strong negative effect since these are both positive planets. Sun may hamper Venus’ free expression of love. Venus may appear lazy to sun.
Moon and Venus Aspects
If positive If negative
Easygoing and affectionate. Good feelings toward each other. Free flow of emotions. Intuitive understanding of each other. Passive and relaxed. Emotional misunderstandings. Emotionally alienated. Lack of intimacy. Both partners wrapped up in their own feelings.
Mercury and Venus Aspects
If positive If negative
Excellent communication between the two. Openness and honesty. Creativity. Pleasant conversations. Good for all relationships. Lack of understanding. Petty arguments. Difficulty sharing ideas and social interaction.
Sun and Mars Aspects
If positive If negative
Great courage and confidence when together. Sun and Mars inspire and energize each other and whatever enterprise they may take on. A strong drive to improve their status as a couple. Arguments and irritability. One provokes the other. Priorities may interfere with one another. Sun may feel threatened by Mars’ power. Rivalry.
Sun and Saturn Aspects
If positive If negative
Strong, perhaps lasting bond. Seriously committed to each other and relationship. Each helps the other stay focused and disciplined. Saturn helps the sun realize its dreams. Sun clarifies Saturn’s fears and concerns and gives reassurance. Negativity and pessimism. A feeling of a heavy burden, unfulfilled potential or denial. Sun feels restricted by a critical partner. Saturn feels uncomfortable and insecure. (Note: All Sun-Saturn aspects in synastry, whether easy or hard, often make the partners feel restrained. The relationship seems “fated” or “karmic” to them.
Moon and Saturn Aspects
If positive If negative
Emotional stability. Feelings are restrained, not spontanously expressed. Strong connections similar to Sun-Saturn aspects. Lack of empathy. Loneliness especially in the part of the moon. Moon feels Saturn is cold and uncaring. Saturn may find the partner overly emotional.

We cover synastry at greater length in other posts. See astrology and compatibility and synastry aspects, house overlays.  For a step-by-step walkthrough of synastry interpretation, see how to do synastry.  I also have recommendations for good books on synastry.

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