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AstrologyFiles.com is a repository of free articles and interpretation guides through modern natal astrology, compatibility charts and transit forecasts.¬† The content of this site is meant for people who study today’s astrology for self-understanding and basic forecasting guides.


  1. Using Astrology: Ways to use astrology and techniques used
  2. Learning Astrology: How to learn astrology and what tools you’ll need
  3. Guide to Astrology Resources: Finding books, software, reports and services

Birth Charts

  1. Modern Natal Astrology: Building blocks of modern birth chart astrology
  2. Getting Your Birth Chart: Where to get a chart for free
  3. Reading a Birth Chart: The modern astrology chart, astrological symbols
  4. Birth Chart Reading Tips: A list of study tips
  5. Planets in the Signs: Keywords and guidelines for the planets in the zodiac signs
  6. Planets in the Houses: The effects of the houses and the planets together.
  7. Planets in Aspect: The relationship of planets to one another

 Relationships and Compatibility

  1. Birth Chart Compatibility Guide: A quick start
  2. Compatibility Basics: An overview of compatibility
  3. How to Do Synastry: The long way
  4. Synastry Aspects: Brief interpretations of aspects between charts
  5. Synastry House Overlays: When your planet falls in your partner’s house
  6. Houses and Love: Role of astrological houses in relationships
  7. Planets in Composite: Midpoint relationship charts
  8. Astrology Compatibility Checklist: A checklist for synastry reading

Astrology Forecasts

  1. Sun Transits to the Houses
  2. Mercury Transits to the Houses
  3. Venus Transits to the Houses
  4. Mars Transits to the Houses
  5. Jupiter Transits to the Houses
  6. Jupiter Transits
  7. Saturn Transits to the Houses
  8. Saturn Transits
  9. Uranus Transits.

Because it’s impossible exhaust all the possible meanings of astrological placements, these – like the rest of what’s in the site – should be taken as general guidelines only.


  1. Recommended Books: A partial list of astrology books
  2. List of Astrology Software: Some of the best free and commercial software
  3. Free Astrology Tools Online: Chart makers, ephemerides, moon calendars and more
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